Why Don’t These Bed Bugs Die?

If you have been battling what seems to be a never ending Bed Bug infestation you are not alone.  Multiple treatments are common by none professionals.

In some cases re-treatment may even be required by Licensed pest control companies, after a professional treatment. 

When re-treatment is required there’s usually a reason. It could be something or someone missed an important step. Regardless of the reason the problem still exists. 

Frustration is a natural response when having to retreat.  

Choosing to self treat requires planning. Trained pest control professionals follow a treatment plan with a protocol. They know what type of products to use, where to use them and how to use them safely and effectively. 


Regardless of the type of product being used for exterminating safety is an important part of the treatment.

The professionals use a combination of products when treating for Bed Bugs. They work with dusts, sprays and traps.

Some professional pest control companies may include space heaters in their treatments. There are a couple ways to treat for bed bugs. All methods require preparing a treatment plan with a clear understanding of pesticide use and safeguards. 

Even with “natural organic products” there are safeguards that need to be followed. There are also specific techniques to applying these products to be safe and effective. 

Our program “Goodbye Bed Bugs” delivers certain specific knowledge so you and your family can be safe and successful in self treating just as the professionals

This training program was built for the non-professional for the sole purpose of helping them produce professional results when self treating. 

You can download your copy right now by clicking here


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