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There are only two options available:

#1.)  Bring in the Pest Control Professionals to exterminate.  This option will Guarantee complete remediation. It will also cost a substantial amount of money. Professional Fees for this type of service will vary anywhere from a few Hundred Dollars to a few Thousand Dollars.  It all depends on the number of rooms and the amount furniture within the space requiring treatment. Bottom line, an expensive process. 

#2.) DIY, (do it yourself) with this option, the affected party will go online or to a home center and purchase Bed Bug sprays and insecticides with the intention of exterminating themselves.

After several unsuccessful attempts at the DIY approach;

Frustration, disappointment and anger will sometimes emerge as part of what becomes a chronic problem. This is when the infestation will begin to appear “as a never ending situation”.  

Choosing to self treat usually fails at the first attempt by the non-professional for a number of reasons. The initial blame for the treatment’s failure is at times the product used. Thinking maybe it was not strong enough? Or, more product should of been used, all of which are possibilities, but not likely. 

Product(s) used are only one element of an extermination.

The main reason for unsuccessful treatments are lack of knowledge.


Butchies Bed Bug Bureau

Butchies Bed Bug Bureau

Licensed Professionals have that knowledge from their training and experience. Their knowledge encompasses safety, use of products and a combination of what to use, how and where to use Bed Bug products.

All of the above are the ingredients to successful treatments in dealing with Bed Bugs and preventative control.

The professionals use a combination of products when treating for Bed Bugs. Their arsenal my include dusts, sprays, some may include heat in their treatments. There are also health safety issues to be aware of when using any product. It is important to know where  certain products are to be used. 

Regardless of what type of products are being used, traditional or organic aka “natural” there are safeguards required. There are also techniques to applying these products to be safe and effective. 

The BED BUG TRAINER delivers certain specific knowledge so you can be successful in self treating just as the professionals.

Trained professionals follow a treatment plan and a “protocol”. They know what type of product to use, where to use them and how to use them safely and effectively. That’s why 99.9% of professional treatments are a successful one day job.  The BED BUG TRAINER is a field proven training course specific to BED BUG EXTERMINATION.

This “app” was built for the non-professional, to produce professional results when self treating. 

You can download your copy right now by clicking the button below. 


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